The Hammer and the Frog

God watches out for me

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Hammer and the Frog, God Watches Out For Me is an inspirational book about the life and beliefs of Floyd E. Friedli. Dr. Friedli describes some near death experiences, some observations of the world during trying times, how God has protected him, how God helped him build a family, and how he coped with several medical problems. The book briefly compares the various religions in the world and asks questions about what God wants us to do. The Hammer and the Frog is an insightful look into each person’s responsibilities. It shows a positive outlook on life and is designed for people to see the beauty in the world and in believing in God, and how each of us can be a better person. Dr. Friedli describes a number of his favorite activities and memories in the hopes that his readers can find the extra joy in their lives.

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Loved Floyd Friedli’s The Hammer and the Frog, God Watches Out For Me? Then, you will surely anticipate his upcoming two books, the first one will focus on medical experiences the unusual and funny sides; the second one will tackle the analysis of the different aspects of intelligence that will tell us that everybody is smart in a certain way.

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