Persistent prayer is the only way up

If you think it’s difficult to live a meaningful prayer life, try a life of hopelessness, sin, guilt, and without direction. Living a life without prayer is like living in a house with no lights (not even a candle light). Praying is as essential as breathing. Therefore, a healthy prayer life is akin to a healthy body with a healthy heart and lungs performing their bodily functions.

The power of prayer lies in the consistency and persistence of the one who prays. These qualities ‘water’ the ‘seed’ (or seeds), which the prayerful person ‘plants’ in their petition to God, to whom all prayers and petitions are addressed to. He will grant them in the time He deems right for the person. He tests the heart of people, their intentions and motives, and He knows what’s best for us. He answers our prayers not according to our standards.


Why communicate with Him

Why communicate with God, especially at times when we feel defeated, depressed, and broken? Prayer connects every human being with God. He may look distant from us and absent in our life, but He is just around us. He sees everything around us and knows what comes ahead of us.

While it’s true that we pray to God through the words from our mouth, in reality, we pray through the heart: one must believe with all their heart that God has already answered their prayer even before they finish praying. He responds through the beautiful things that occur in each one of us and around us.

Perhaps we fail to recognize them because we allow our pain, sadness, and negativity to cloud our mind and shut our eyes from the beautiful things God made possible. Maybe it is time we pray that God grants us an open mind and open eyes to recognize His good works around us.


The value of prayer

A prayer life is one you cultivate in secret before God. Sure you can share your prayers with other people and join them in worship, but what you pray for is a matter between you and God. Prayer is communion and, at the same time, a personal matter.

By engaging in prayer, one can erase their loneliness, their fears and doubts. Prayer liberates us from the lack of both hope and positivity. It helps us restore our joy, energy, peacefulness, and confidence in life.

Prayer helps alleviate the pain and sorrows we experience from our difficulties and setbacks. It gives us comfort and consolation for our defeats and losses. It provides us encouragement and direction.

As we visit the doctor to attain relief for our bodily ailments or the civil authorities to obtain solutions to our worldly problems, we approach God for moral recovery and spiritual healing. Before we approach human agencies to get relief or solutions, we should first submit our troubles and difficulties to God. Before we pay the service of human authorities or experts, we ought to pray to God.


Patience is virtue

Plants take time to grow and bear fruit, and so is prayer. Farmers wait, and the prayerful person should too. One should maintain their prayer life and maintain their spirit with focus, discipline, and an unwavering faith.

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