Our life is the greatest gift God is giving us. Like a newly bound book, we write stories about our lives in this book page by page, chapter by chapter, until we end the stories when we deem fit. The stories of our lives that we write in this book are not just for entertainment, for information, for keeping track of history, but mostly importantly stories where we learn lessons.

Every day of our lives is a learning session. Each day we wake up is the start of our learning. From the moment we were born, our brains were programmed to activate our rudimentary sense of learning. As we grow older, our capacity to learn also grows exponentially. Each and every moment of our lives, we learn something consciously or subconsciously. We become storehouses of knowledge as we learn day by day. Sometimes, in our pursuit of knowledge and understanding our world, we become engrossed with our daily tasks, routines and intellectual efforts. We try to find logic and reason for almost all of the things that we observe around us. We delve into and spend effort in explaining even the most mundane events and situations. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing knowledge. However, we should not be too obsessed with gaining knowledge to the point that we don’t even know what it is for in the first place.

Man’s knowledge has grown so much that the society we live in now is nowhere near the simple and laid back ways of the past. We are living in a fast-paced world connected to the hub of scientific technological advancement. Looking back, we can say that we have come far in this world with our achievements. What have we learned from all of these achievements? A lot, maybe. We get so proud of our inventions and achievements that have helped shape our world to make it “better” to live in, that we forget where all these things we have now essentially came from: God.

God does not hinder us to develop ourselves and utilize our natural resources for our welfare. In our modern lives, we have amenities that make our living and lifestyles comfortable but our relationships get more complicated. This is where we get lessons and perspectives from God. He wants us to grow up with Him. In that everything we do, we praise God and appreciate his wonderful creations. We should live simply and have faith in Him.

We should learn from the mistakes we make and ask Him for forgiveness and strength to turn away from sinning again. Most of all, we should learn to live our life as a worthy sacrifice to offer to Him. We can do this by living through faith and righteousness, and follow the example of Jesus Christ. God wants us to see through faith, as God watches over us with immeasurable faith no matter how unworthy we are. When we wake up each morning, let us look around us, take a short pause, and meditate. A little ‘thank you’ to God each day will come a long way. Let us learn to appreciate more the life God has given to us; see the things around us with faith; and maintain a positive outlook in life. That is the lesson God wants to teach and what we should learn.

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