Indecisiveness is something that most people often struggle with in their lives because they have to make certain decisions that could affect them in big ways. Searching for a positive outlook in life can be hard to accomplish, but not impossible. The common mistake people often make is that they rush into things before weighing the pros and cons of whatever life-changing decision they are dealing with. From marriage proposals, overcoming challenges, or accepting the best job offer, such things have to be taken seriously since the wrong move could potentially create undesirable consequences.

So what exactly do you have to do when you don’t know exactly what to do with a particular life-changing scenario? Naturally, you want all your pertinent questions addressed with solid answers that you can comfortably get behind in the end. The road to get to those answers may not be easy, but the knowledge that you will gain from your search will no doubt be valuable. Transform your “I don’t know” into “I know what I need to do” by considering these crucial points carefully before pushing through with anything that could affect your life in big ways.


Contemplate your options

The fear of the unknown or the risks of failure are the two common elements that hinder people from really chasing after their hopes and dreams. However, there is something admirable about the benefits of being a little cautious in your planning or deliberation. Discovering potential solutions often mean long periods of time being wisely spent on careful and strategic deliberation of all your options, as well as the pros and cons of your possible choices. You can be spontaneous with trivial matters, but not when it comes to serious things that can have a direct impact on your daily life.


It’s not all about you

One of the greatest lessons that everyone should remember in life is that every action we take has immediate consequences on others aside from ourselves. People with immense egos may find a considerable amount of difficulty getting past this fundamental concept, and they often learn this lesson the hard way when they are confronted with the realities of their mistakes. It’s not an easy thing to humble yourself and be mindful of others, but when you surrender your ego and think about the valuable people in your life, then zmaking the right decision will come easily to you.


Seek spiritual guidance

Asking your friends and loved ones for second opinions on important decisions is perfectly acceptable, although this process can prove to be a little problematic if different people don’t give similar advice to your situation. Some people might be skeptical about it, but it never hurts to seek divine wisdom from God when you find yourself at a crossroads in life. Consulting through prayer will create this private connection between you and God and from this spiritual interaction, you may just find the answers to your most pressing questions and feel blessed to receive such precious guidance.

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