Writing can be a wonderful endeavor for anyone. You don’t have to by good writer nor should you need to have an extensive vocabulary. Actually, there is no measure or standard on how to be a good writer. We humans are thinking and contemplative beings. Thoughts continuously flow through our minds and most of the times they just slip by in a moment. A particular benefit about writing is that you get to record all your significant thoughts, musings and contemplations and keep those writings for future reference and revisiting. What we write need not be published or shared to others if we don’t feel like it. As mentioned earlier, writing can just be a private recording of your personal thoughts.

Writing and sharing our experiences and thoughts can change our lives in so many ways. Keeping a diary or a journal that logs your daily activities, whether they are mundane or significant, can help you to vividly recall events in the past days of your life. It comes particularly useful when you have trouble with your memories or you keep forgetting things. Because diaries and journals are private possessions, you can be comfortable in pouring out your emotions and thoughts into these handy thought and emotion receptacles. Writing can also reflect your personality and individuality. Your writing style and the topics you choose to write can tell a great deal about yourself. It can tell readers if a writer is an introvert or extrovert, conservative or liberal, conventional or radical and just about anything a reader can perceive through reading.

People express their thoughts and feelings differently and use different mediums where they can effectively and comfortably do so. For some people who have problems with speech and oral communication, writing can be a great alternative for them to let their opinions and expressions be known. For those who can’t effectively express their feelings by speaking, writing offers them an alternative that is just as effective. Love letters can win someone’s heart just as effectively as a spoken declaration of love. Sometimes, writing to someone you love can be your discreet but heartfelt way of professing your love for them. Your love letter’s intended recipient can appreciate your efforts and in turn reciprocate your feelings for them. Beyond love, writing can be an avenue where some people can more effectively discuss a topic or present their case in a debate. Where spoken words cannot be effective, the written ones can take our opinions and points of view to a whole new level.

Writing can also inspire others. When we write about our own experiences and our views about life and share them to readers, we could certainly find a companion and a supporter in those readers. Those who can relate to our written accounts of struggles through life’s challenges can move readers to find their own resolve to face their challenges and problems. Especially inspiring is when we write about how we regain our connection with God and how His love is manifested by the big and small things we see all around us and within us. We could always find something to write about God and his wonderful blessings. We may sometimes or most of the times fail to mention God’s name when we write about wonderful and inspiring articles, but a short pause and prayer of appreciation to God’s blessings and love while writing or reading your piece can be enough to lift your spirit. What’s the best written book that we can read? It’s the bible of course. God has inspired and enlightened the different contributors to this Holy Scripture. It can be the most effective life manual we can get a hold of thanks to God. God is always there for us and continuously watches over us, that is why every day of our lives is an opportunity to get closer to God and write down our progress.

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