Our lives are complex matters of existence. We do not live in monotony and predictability. We cannot choose life to be all good and smooth sailing. Most of the times, our lives are like boats sailing on rough seas. The storms, gales and big waves are the problems and challenges we face. And just like sailing, once we are in the midst of a big storm, we can choose to either go back to where we were before, stay put and brace ourselves against the winds and waves or brace ourselves and keep pushing until we are out of the storm.

We are considered captains of our lives. Thus, it is imperative for a captain to chart his course and his destination. He should also take into consideration the hazards and uncertainties of his planned voyage. Just like life, we also need to momentarily stop from our hustle and bustle in life and meditate and ponder on many things affecting our lives, especially the difficult ones. Why did I liken life to a boat and not like any other object on land or air? Being afloat on the sea is like going with the flow and expanse of existence. Water is formless, unstable and unpredictable – I believe it represents human difficulties and struggle. Land is our native domain where we can freely move as we wish, which I equate to our innate human abilities, creativity, talent and power. The air, the sky in particular, is a wide and limitless expanse we are trying to conquer and traverse, which I believe symbolizes human ambition.

Mistakes, failures, disappointments, uncertainties and sins are significant difficulties we encounter and need to ponder in life. Sometimes, the best way to look at things is by looking inward: reflection. Every once in a while, we need sit still and reflect on a lot of things, especially the difficult ones. By reflecting on what, where, when, why and how of our mistakes, failures, disappointments and sins, we are getting back in touch with our spirit – our true being. By looking inside, we widen our points of view and realize the expanse and beauty within ourselves. We begin to know ourselves more and understand that negative and needless emotions and thoughts got the best of us and led us to be mistaken, to fail and to sin. We don’t need to discuss with other people the difficult things we are pondering about. Once we are done reflecting on them, we can meditate and talk about such things with God. God is always there for us, always waiting and always willing to listen. We just to reconnect our communication line with Him.

When we share all the difficult things we are pondering with God, we feel a sense of relief and liberation. It’s like the feeling of a caged bird being freed; we are caged by our own guilt, pride and regrets, but with God’s help we can be free of this cage. If we are the captains of our lives, then we should accept and embrace Jesus as our compass. With Jesus to guide us, we can never lose our ways. So take heart and find strength through God in overcoming challenges. God watches over us always and therefore it is reason enough to have a positive outlook in life.

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