The Hammer and the Frog

God watches out for me

The Hammer and the Frog    by Floyd E. Friedli

Hammer and the Frog, God Watches Out For Me is an inspirational book about the life and beliefs of Floyd E. Friedli. Dr. Friedli describes some near death experiences, some observations of the world during trying times, how God has protected him, how God helped him build a family, and how he coped with several medical problems. The book briefly compares the various religions in the world and asks questions about what God wants us to do. The Hammer and the Frog is an insightful look into each person’s responsibilities. It shows a positive outlook on life and is designed for people to see the beauty in the world and in believing in God, and how each of us can be a better person. Dr. Friedli describes a number of his favorite activities and memories in the hopes that his readers can find the extra joy in their lives.


God works in mysterious ways. I don’t believe in destiny or predetermination. I believe we make our own choices and every day make decisions that affect our lives today and sometimes far into the future. I do believe that God affects our lives. He might nudge your thinking in a certain direction. He might present you with an opportunity you can take or reject. He might occasionally open doors you can either walk through or ignore. He might show you different things that can influence you to take a certain path, but you still must make a choice and take one path or another.

Golf is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. It is an elegant yet insane game. I believe the invention of golf shows that God has a sense of humor. It is such a ridiculous game, God has to be laughing at the stuff that happens on a golf course.

All of us have probably wondered, if God is all powerful, “Why is there poverty, disease, war, and natural disasters?” This is an impossible question. Maybe God can only control so much. My belief is that again this may be part of a test. Are we willing to help the less fortunate, are we willing to work for cures to diseases, are we willing to get along?

I soon realized that the best place to sit in the meeting room around the huge boardroom table was not as far from Dave (company president) as possible, but right NEXT to Dave. Each week Dave would select one or two victims to question how their departments were running in an effort to get the best performance from each of us. However, it is human nature to pick someone across the table from you to attack. It is much harder to put the heat on someone right next to you. They are harder to look at as Dave would have to turn his head a lot plus no one wants to start a fight with the person next to you as they might take it the wrong way and it could be a more threatening situation. So I sat next to Dave quietly eating my sandwich and kept my head down as Dave shot flamethrower comments across the table to other people. I learned a lot and it was very entertaining.

If we are observant, I believe God tries to teach us lessons and give us perspective. I remember slumping my way back to my apartment after failing another test (in graduate school). While waiting to cross High Street, I encountered a blind student tapping his cane on the sidewalk and waiting for the “walk” sign to change and the bird sounds to chime so he knew it was time to safely cross. Suddenly, my problems seemed ridiculously small. I had a minor hurdle to overcome. This student was bearing a huge burden for his whole life. What right did I have to feel sorry for myself? I thought God was teaching me a lesson and I needed to appreciate my life situation. I also believe God has a sense of humor. He teaches you lessons and reminds you in a comical way what is right and wrong. Several times over the next four years, I would be walking across campus in a bad or depressed mood and out of nowhere a blind person or a wheelchair bound individual would appear. It seemed to happen every month or two. I would think to myself “Got’cha!” God did it again, he caught me being self-centered.

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Loved Floyd Friedli’s The Hammer and the Frog, God Watches Out For Me? Then, you will surely anticipate his upcoming two books, the first one will focus on medical experiences the unusual and funny sides; the second one will tackle the analysis of the different aspects of intelligence that will tell us that everybody is smart in a certain way.

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