The Hammer and the Frog

God watches out for me

Dr. Floyd E. Friedli

Dr. Floyd E. Friedli received a B.A. from The College of Wooster majoring in chemistry and minoring in music. He then attended The Ohio State University where he earned a Ph.D. in organic chemistry. Floyd has authored 15 scientific papers and hold 7 patents and recently retired from Akzo Nobel Surface Chemistry. He is an accomplished trumpet player and plays in the Cardinal Health Orchestra, the Dublin Brass Quintet, and the Project 75 eight piece combo. Floyd and his wife Patricia have competed in ballroom dancing and his remaining spare time is taken up with travel, golf, weight lifting, and writing. Dr. Friedli has published a non-technical non-fiction book entitled, The Hammer and the Frog, God Watches Out For Me and a fictional trilogy, The Pope’s Piano. Pat and Floyd have one son, Evan, and two young grandsons.

If you're a person that's looking for a good book to read, this one is for you. "Hammer and the Frog," talks about God and how He works in mysterious ways.

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